Thursday 14 August 2008

So what have we been upto

Welllll we had a couple of days off so we pretty much went to a lake rented out a speed boat and went mental.
Thats all we done really.

Friday 8 August 2008

Get ready for The Comedown!

The video for new track 'The Comedown' will be online and on TV next week! It will be featured on MySpace UK and Europe & the Visible Noise Myspace ( from next Tuesday (12th Aug) and on MTV2 and Kerrang TV from next Wednesday (13th Aug).

Katie P on the XFM 104.9 Rock Show will be EXCLUSIVELY playing a new BMTH track on her show this Sunday 10th Aug 10pm - 1am! If you miss it or don't live in the UK, you can 'listen live' (or 'listen again') at

The Radio One Rock Show will also be playing the track next Monday!

We've partied... now are you ready for The Comedown?

Visible Noise x

Monday 4 August 2008


So we made it into Canada very easily. Some bands had been at the border for like 5 hours so we were lucky to get straight through.
Now were in winipeg and its a holiday so everythings closed. So theres not much to do other than sit in a hotel.
We went to a chinese but im sure they served me dogs and cats tasted awful
Hotels a/c is pretty sweet though, some graffiti of a unicorn outside to.
Im sure this is turning into my own personal blog no one else posts on it.

Saturday 2 August 2008

Warped tour

Whats been going on?
Erm oli spat in vegans face.
Vegan kicked oli off his bike.
Me and matt were in a car crash (were ok)
I passed out in a car park for 3 hours
Mat urinated in a fridge.
Lee watched me be sick in bed.
Good times.
Oh yeah we played some shows to. I really should be at the stage right now, i need a poo to.

Ill put some more pics up after the show.

Wednesday 30 July 2008

How ever many days since we started

So were about a week into warped tour probably a little over. Its awesome, were having the best time. Not one show has sucked yet, so thanks to everyone who came out to all the shows and acted awesome. Its insane how many of the words you people know. Even the songs off our new album either its leaked or on youtube, hopefully its the youtube.
So yeah were having fun, and you lot seem to be having fun.
So i recon the whole tours gonna be fun.
p.s told you no pictures or videos

Thursday 24 July 2008

Day One & Two of warped tour

So its day number two of warped tour, and we love it. We played first on our stage yesterday and it was awesome, there were so many kids for how early it was. We were so shocked so thanks to everyone who came and watched and danced and sang along.
Today were on at 6:15 so hopefully theyll be even more kids, lets just hope it doesnt rain when were playing. Ill try and start taking some pictures or recording some lil videos or something. I dont know why im saying that i know im not going to far to lazy.
Keep checking back for info.

Tuesday 22 July 2008

Curtis, Lee, Vegan

We got left in hotel bored while everyones at music shop.
Oli pulled this face once.


hello to everyone who reads this!!!

At the moment i'm sat in a hotel room in Boston trying to kill time before we get picked up to go and start warped tour!! we arrived last night and went to go see The Dark Knight! ( i though it was pretty good!) when we arrived at the cinema we were approached much to our surprised by a really tall ex-blink 182 member..... to which we responded by staring, pointing and just shouting his name... sorry Tom!!!

OK so we made it through to the shortlist for the Kerrang awards we are nominated for best british band! so thank you for voting and vote some more so we can win!

we are trying to keep this updated as much as possible while we are on the warped tour so keep checking back !!

matt k


Thursday 3 July 2008

BMTH Euro/US/UK live news

This weekend, BMTH play two Italian festivals, Etnika Free Eastpak Fest in Ceccano on 5th July and RockPlanet in Pinarella Di Cervia on the 6th.

Then it’s Warped Tour o’ clock, starting in New Jersey on 24th July until 17th August. See www.myspace/bmth for all BMTH tour dates.

Then more UK fun as the band return to their homeland for their most extensive UK tour yet!!

October 08

16 Newcastle - Academy
17 Dundee - Fat Sam's
18 Glasgow - Garage
19 Stoke - Sugarmill
20 Sheffield - Academy
21 Oxford - Academy
22 Nottingham - Rock City
23 Norwich - Waterfront
24 Liverpool Academy
25 Wrexham - Central Station
26 Brighton - Concorde 2
27 Leeds - Cockpit
28 Cardiff - Ifwor Bach
29 Yeovil - Orange Box
30 Bristol - Academy
31 Southampton - University

November 08

1 London - Astoria
2 Manchester - Academy
3 Birmingham - Academy

Visible Noise Team x

Sunday 29 June 2008

Saturday in europe

So this weekend we played two festivals in one day on saturday. We played one in Hamburg in germany at 12pm and then we drove 2 and a half hours to Graspop festival in Belgium. They were both amazing we had a really good time at both of them. We were especially scared about the Graspop show because we were second from headlining the stage we played above bands like Bleeding Through and there awesome live so we didnt wanna suck. But it went really good the tent was full there was a huge pit and the biggest circle pit weve ever had, so we were super syked. So id like to say thank you to everyone who came and watched us at both of the shows and danced and everything.

Thursday 26 June 2008



Hey homies! Hope your all well. So yeah, its coming up to that time of the year again, the legendary kerrang awards! We would love to be nominated for something again, and maybe even win another shiny trophy! so if you have the time to spare, go vote for us! you may also win your own table at the kerrang awards! which is a good prize to win! its a great excuse to melt your mind with booze, thats what i'll be doing!

ALSO! we have brand new merch in the store, go check it out, click here. i think you'll agree its quite nice. theres also more stuff coming in very soon. so keep your eyes peeled!

i think thats it, cheers for reading! love you!

oli xxx

Thursday 19 June 2008






cheers Matt.k x 

Wednesday 18 June 2008

I thought id say hi so, Hi. I havent got any exciting news or anything im afraid. We played on a boat this weekend for Metal Hammer magazine, that was pretty sweet. It was only for 15 minutes but was still real fun. Then we got to go to the awards after where we got to watch Disturbed which was the greatest thing ever. ooo aaaa a a............. ough ough. 


Friday 13 June 2008

Get Ready for Suicide Season

Hello ladies & gentleman, and welcome to the bring me the horizon blogspot! We are going to try our very best, to keep this up (as we are lazy cunts, that never seem to do anything) and let you know whats going down in the world of bring me the horizon

So, as you may of already heard, we have a new album coming out this september. It will be titled Suicide Season. We recorded it April of this year, with Mr.Fredrik Nordstrom (At The Gates, Dimmu Borgir, I Killed The Prom Queen) and it was fucking awesome! We are so proud of what we have achieved with this cd, and we really, really cant wait to show you! It is a HELL of a lot different, & i mean real different. Im not going to give to much away, but hopefully all you kids are gonna like it. We will be showcasing some of our new tracks at our upcoming shows in europe & america. This november we will do the first UK tour promoting the new album. We have hand selected the bands that we are going to take on this tour, and we are very excited, its going to be one hell of a tour. I'll let you know more as soon as i can!

So we just got of a tour in Australia, with our bff's I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN. It was there final tour, and it was fucking mind blowing. We had the craziest time out there! I want to take this opportunity, to let you know about two fucking awesome bands you may not of heard about. THE RED SHORE & THE GHOST INSIDE. Amazing dudes, amazing bands. No joke, go check them out right now!!

OK, so thats about it from me. We are playing a boat on monday for the metal hammer awards, should be a blast! thanks for reading, stay metal!

oli xx