Wednesday, 30 July 2008

How ever many days since we started

So were about a week into warped tour probably a little over. Its awesome, were having the best time. Not one show has sucked yet, so thanks to everyone who came out to all the shows and acted awesome. Its insane how many of the words you people know. Even the songs off our new album either its leaked or on youtube, hopefully its the youtube.
So yeah were having fun, and you lot seem to be having fun.
So i recon the whole tours gonna be fun.
p.s told you no pictures or videos

Thursday, 24 July 2008

Day One & Two of warped tour

So its day number two of warped tour, and we love it. We played first on our stage yesterday and it was awesome, there were so many kids for how early it was. We were so shocked so thanks to everyone who came and watched and danced and sang along.
Today were on at 6:15 so hopefully theyll be even more kids, lets just hope it doesnt rain when were playing. Ill try and start taking some pictures or recording some lil videos or something. I dont know why im saying that i know im not going to far to lazy.
Keep checking back for info.

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

Curtis, Lee, Vegan

We got left in hotel bored while everyones at music shop.
Oli pulled this face once.


hello to everyone who reads this!!!

At the moment i'm sat in a hotel room in Boston trying to kill time before we get picked up to go and start warped tour!! we arrived last night and went to go see The Dark Knight! ( i though it was pretty good!) when we arrived at the cinema we were approached much to our surprised by a really tall ex-blink 182 member..... to which we responded by staring, pointing and just shouting his name... sorry Tom!!!

OK so we made it through to the shortlist for the Kerrang awards we are nominated for best british band! so thank you for voting and vote some more so we can win!

we are trying to keep this updated as much as possible while we are on the warped tour so keep checking back !!

matt k


Thursday, 3 July 2008

BMTH Euro/US/UK live news

This weekend, BMTH play two Italian festivals, Etnika Free Eastpak Fest in Ceccano on 5th July and RockPlanet in Pinarella Di Cervia on the 6th.

Then it’s Warped Tour o’ clock, starting in New Jersey on 24th July until 17th August. See www.myspace/bmth for all BMTH tour dates.

Then more UK fun as the band return to their homeland for their most extensive UK tour yet!!

October 08

16 Newcastle - Academy
17 Dundee - Fat Sam's
18 Glasgow - Garage
19 Stoke - Sugarmill
20 Sheffield - Academy
21 Oxford - Academy
22 Nottingham - Rock City
23 Norwich - Waterfront
24 Liverpool Academy
25 Wrexham - Central Station
26 Brighton - Concorde 2
27 Leeds - Cockpit
28 Cardiff - Ifwor Bach
29 Yeovil - Orange Box
30 Bristol - Academy
31 Southampton - University

November 08

1 London - Astoria
2 Manchester - Academy
3 Birmingham - Academy

Visible Noise Team x