Thursday, 14 August 2008

So what have we been upto

Welllll we had a couple of days off so we pretty much went to a lake rented out a speed boat and went mental.
Thats all we done really.

Friday, 8 August 2008

Get ready for The Comedown!

The video for new track 'The Comedown' will be online and on TV next week! It will be featured on MySpace UK and Europe & the Visible Noise Myspace ( from next Tuesday (12th Aug) and on MTV2 and Kerrang TV from next Wednesday (13th Aug).

Katie P on the XFM 104.9 Rock Show will be EXCLUSIVELY playing a new BMTH track on her show this Sunday 10th Aug 10pm - 1am! If you miss it or don't live in the UK, you can 'listen live' (or 'listen again') at

The Radio One Rock Show will also be playing the track next Monday!

We've partied... now are you ready for The Comedown?

Visible Noise x

Monday, 4 August 2008


So we made it into Canada very easily. Some bands had been at the border for like 5 hours so we were lucky to get straight through.
Now were in winipeg and its a holiday so everythings closed. So theres not much to do other than sit in a hotel.
We went to a chinese but im sure they served me dogs and cats tasted awful
Hotels a/c is pretty sweet though, some graffiti of a unicorn outside to.
Im sure this is turning into my own personal blog no one else posts on it.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Warped tour

Whats been going on?
Erm oli spat in vegans face.
Vegan kicked oli off his bike.
Me and matt were in a car crash (were ok)
I passed out in a car park for 3 hours
Mat urinated in a fridge.
Lee watched me be sick in bed.
Good times.
Oh yeah we played some shows to. I really should be at the stage right now, i need a poo to.

Ill put some more pics up after the show.