Tuesday, 22 July 2008


hello to everyone who reads this!!!

At the moment i'm sat in a hotel room in Boston trying to kill time before we get picked up to go and start warped tour!! we arrived last night and went to go see The Dark Knight! ( i though it was pretty good!) when we arrived at the cinema we were approached much to our surprised by a really tall ex-blink 182 member..... to which we responded by staring, pointing and just shouting his name... sorry Tom!!!

OK so we made it through to the shortlist for the Kerrang awards we are nominated for best british band! so thank you for voting and vote some more so we can win!

we are trying to keep this updated as much as possible while we are on the warped tour so keep checking back !!

matt k



Anonymous said...

you totally deserve it guys! your my favorite band of all time!

keep steel city rocking!


Anonymous said...

i wish i could make it to the show in boston!! my mums a bitch and won't let me. =\
hope it goes well.

pepa urie said...

hey guys come to mexico pleeaassee
come to guadalajara city,, we have tacos & tequila yeeiii
i love uuu
pleas come &i will love u forever

BringLexieTheHorizon said...

I really really REALLY wish you guys would come to New Mexico, better yet Albuquerque!
I defenitaly hop you guys win by a long shot cuz you guys kick fucking ass and are the best band in the world!
Kepp rocking,

taylah! said...

LOL, dude i live near boston.
anytime youre close again you should come see me.;D
psh in my dreams, lmao.
ah oh well.