Wednesday, 18 June 2008

I thought id say hi so, Hi. I havent got any exciting news or anything im afraid. We played on a boat this weekend for Metal Hammer magazine, that was pretty sweet. It was only for 15 minutes but was still real fun. Then we got to go to the awards after where we got to watch Disturbed which was the greatest thing ever. ooo aaaa a a............. ough ough. 



Anonymous said...

you guys should read

Sandy said...

I saw you at the boat. & than infront of the venue. Ehh never came up ;( Stuupid!
& bless I missed DISTURBED were they THAT good?! Shh*t .
Take Care xxx

Anonymous said...

Hahah i love you guys! ♥ and i love OLLIVER SYKES HES HE GREATEST

hilde. said...

would be nice to spell his name right then love.


i love you guys sooo much
and waoooahh i cant wait till your album comes out!!!!

your my idols (L)


ps your show in kawana kicked ass

nickgstone said...

Aye aye =]
Was on the boat gig like, kl as fuck, the new songs sounded mint!

Shame half most the folk on the boat were knobs but owels.

Hi Five tattoo is a winner 2 like :P

Well cant w8 4 suicide season and the uk tour!!

Anonymous said...

I'm Indonesian
And i'll vote
Cant wait for suicide season
So, when you come to Jakarta-Indonesia,,,,
I'll wait for you.

Sweet Gia said...

Even i'm Indonesian
I'll vote for you...
And please come to Jakarta.

xFreshTillDeathx said...

:O !

your musick is the fucking hell I love U!


xFreshTillDeathx said...

Hi again :B

Gia said...

well, you should come to Germany again.
whit new songs!
you fucking rocked on saturday at the vainstream rockfest!


Death in Paradise said...

ello loves, BMTH, not the public i <3 ur music so fucking much i can't wait till suicide season comes out and i hope to see you guys soon!