Sunday, 29 June 2008

Saturday in europe

So this weekend we played two festivals in one day on saturday. We played one in Hamburg in germany at 12pm and then we drove 2 and a half hours to Graspop festival in Belgium. They were both amazing we had a really good time at both of them. We were especially scared about the Graspop show because we were second from headlining the stage we played above bands like Bleeding Through and there awesome live so we didnt wanna suck. But it went really good the tent was full there was a huge pit and the biggest circle pit weve ever had, so we were super syked. So id like to say thank you to everyone who came and watched us at both of the shows and danced and everything.


sofia said...

You're awsome <3

Michael said...

fucking wish i could go to graspop. damn USA and our not being close to belgium or europe for that matter. (thus having shitty music)

Michael said...

lol the word verification for the next one is "shtts"

Michael said...

and the next one is "nooz"
k i'll stop

hope yall are having fun and can't wait to see you august ninth in seattle

Anonymous said...

well the show in germany was in m√ľnster but... nevermind ;D it was awesome i loved it

Rafael said...

Graspop gig was fucking brutal :)
Really gave it my all in the pit.
Btw I was the guy with the brown shirt and mustache.

hope to see you again soon.

Gijs van Dun said...

Well, I must admit, I never heared of you guys before I saw you on Graspop last weekend, and it was awesome, one of the best gigs I saw all weekend, so hope to see you guys again.

Sydney said...

You guys should come up to Eastern Canada ):

MacaulyCaulkin said...

Ughttt!!! Why dont you have any concerts in Poland?!!! :(
Mada faka =D
You should to come up!

Jesse said...

Hey guyz !
Graspop gig was huge, as well as my almost-broken-ribs can remember... ^^
Oli, if you guy read this, I don't really know, but I talked with ur parents (well they came to thank me for my fluogreen bmth shirt, and gave me some drinkin tickets and artist wristband for the day). Could u plz thank 'em for their kindness, they truly gave a new dimension to my graspop metal meeting =)
Btw here's my email adress, in case of you get the idea to answer me ^^

rock on, fellas \m/

Eline said...

You guys were fcking brutal at GMM
I was standing at the front and everytime olli stood before ous me and a friend of mine screamed x'D
But realy
You guys were the first and true reason I went to GMM.
Keep on going.
love you guys.

xoxo_nightmaresrkool_xoxo said...

you guys are one, of the few, best metal bands i've ever heard of!! To bad you guys are so fucking far damn i wanna live in U.K. so fucking badly because in the u.s. all we have is shitty music well untill we heard of you so in my speacial way thanx!! <3 >: )

pepa urie said...
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dropdeadANNLiNcore_ said...

Oliver, you're just a damn hot guy. And I weren't at Graspop [Belgium] to see you, and to hear you fucking scream.
So, when you guys come to Belgium?