Sunday, 10 August 2008

Come on!


hardcandy said...

get your fucking asses at portugal like fucking now.

Luke said...

Ah I wish. One of the disadvantages of worshiping a band based in the UK when you live in Australia. I wish I could go.
Come to Australia again. Please.


xFreshTillDeathx said...

Come to chile!


Liqor And Love Lost Rulz dude..

Avery said...

Come back to the states!!

Anonymous said...

that's no fare, you guys should come to canada D:

Anonymous said...

inyung utin! putang ina ninyo kayo.. jeco

RachaelT123 said...

fucking sick video


I'm going to party everywhere when the new album comes out.

come to Pennsylvania again asap

GOOOOLZ said...

if only. Ballarat was not enough,

definitely ready for The Comedown haha


love you Curtis =3

Anonymous said...

Anyone else think the new songs are more screamo/core than what they've done before.
Here i was thinking... Hoping... They could get heavier.

Meh, we can all dream. I guess they lost one fan, but gained millions who follow their 'image' rather than their music.

tiffanyTDWP~ said...

that picture is definitely a win.

x.Lost.x said...


u guys are AMAZING, i love ur music....


I can't wait for you're new album, Suicide Season!


come back to Australia sooooonnnnnnnnnn!!!

martahatesyourvoice said...

...Meh, we can all dream. I guess they lost one fan, but gained millions who follow their 'image' rather than their music.
by anonymous

hey you!... we can all live with that!! there are quite a lot of ppl that only like them 'cos of their image, but others that like their music.
and obviously you cant judge a group with just one song.. thats nonesense!

Jonny said...

dudes you gotta come back to Detroit! after all you did have to cancel that one show in september last year that i was nasty stoked to go see. but you came back later and i saw that and it was the shit and i want you guys to come back like tomorrow. make it happen

Andrew said...


im feeling everything in the comedown, oli using that yell that we all love. matts drums are intense, so much more hardcore, unique. cant wait to here mr peters on one of your tracks. im still heading to uk in november, we better party, get me some JAGERBOMBS player.

paulinhá said...

wow this banner is fucking awesome love the picture!

you guys should come to portugal :D

Anonymous said...

aw..a big part of me wishes i lived in england still :(
Come to australia?