Friday, 8 August 2008

Get ready for The Comedown!

The video for new track 'The Comedown' will be online and on TV next week! It will be featured on MySpace UK and Europe & the Visible Noise Myspace ( from next Tuesday (12th Aug) and on MTV2 and Kerrang TV from next Wednesday (13th Aug).

Katie P on the XFM 104.9 Rock Show will be EXCLUSIVELY playing a new BMTH track on her show this Sunday 10th Aug 10pm - 1am! If you miss it or don't live in the UK, you can 'listen live' (or 'listen again') at

The Radio One Rock Show will also be playing the track next Monday!

We've partied... now are you ready for The Comedown?

Visible Noise x


Anonymous said...

is "The Comedown"
the first single off of Suicide Season?
Since their is a video of it

Anonymous said...


shit man

Anonymous said...

Can't wait.

ALYSSA said...


shit man"

..agreed , I must say..
but yeah
pretty siked

alyse said...

i'm so excited :)
you guys are amazing <3

yves. said...

how bad ass is this song?

Tor. said...

holy shit, the comedown was proper brutal, well psyched about the new album.
nice mixing at the begginging using the drums. (:

Charlie23 said...

The Comedown is fucking awesome)) Go on guys) can't wait 4 tuesday...
hope mb next year u will visit Moscow again)

Anonymous said...

the comedown was amazingggg.
i loved it.
can't wait for suicide season.
seeing you in october, eeeep.

danii said...

the comedown.
oh my. i nearly shit myself.
that song is beyond sick.
can't wait for the album.

kirstee said...

loved it
i can't wait for tomorrow so i can see the video
and next tuesday at the barfly
i'm propper happy

xFreshTillDeathx said...

D: I need more metalcore style like a Count Your Blessing :(

I don like that single S:


EmmaExecute said...

aaaaaaa The Comedown

the best fucking song ever!!
and so excited 4 the vid man

KamilaKillah said...

song is amazing.
but was the video a joke??

xFreshTillDeathx said...

the video is great xD

is funny but wire :D!

ok the song is mmmm.. good but not perfect =(

Suicide Season NOW!

*suppor all the good bands!

Michael said...

The comedown is DANK!!Its not as brutal as pray for plagues but somehow its way more intense!

Anonymous said...

hey you guys are very great the comedown song, i hope to you visit my blog please and if you want add too just brootal rock guys! stay metal, cheers! from El Salvador